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7 Days of tea is an online program which takes you on a 7 day journey, as you receive your daily cup of relaxation through a guided audio meditation to have with your tea, information about the type of meditation you will be practicing to go deeper in developing your mindfulness meditation practice and a beautiful quote to reflect on. It is recommended to try a different type of tea for each day so you indulge your senses in the smells, flavours, and colours while your soul gets soothed by your meditative presence and awareness.


Why Combine Tea and Meditation

For centuries people have been using tea as a form of meditation.
It can be said, meditation is a cup of tea and that has been the case for millions of people who have been mindfully preparing and drinking their cup of tea.

The actions that are taken to prepare the tea have created a form of meditation. This form of mediation not only has a lovely range of health benefits but it also helps to elevate ones awareness and bring contentment and peace to those who mindfully prepare and drink tea.

Because of this, there’s no question as to why tea has remained the drink of choice for people who meditate. Tea meditation literally fuels the body, mind and soul….


Simple Tea Meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh has a practice of tea meditation, where you pick up your tea, breathe it in, and bring your mind back to your body. By doing this he says you become fully present in the here and now. Today we will practice a simple tea meditation …


Our Sense of Hearing

When you become aware of the variety of sounds that are arising and declining around you, from the one’s in the far distance to the one’s in your immediate surroundings you immeditately return your awareness back to the present moment.

It is this action that is similar to a door, in the sense that it is a gateway to the present moment.

On this level you can begin by first tuning yourself into the loudest sounds and then tuning in quieter sounds and lastly tuning into silence, the absence of any sounds or it may be even the gap between the sounds.

If you are listening to a particular sound, see if you can feel a vibration, or notice how the sound changes or has different tones.

These exercises are great to begin with, then if you would like to explore using the sense of sound a bit further, you can listen and observe what happens internally when you listen to different sounds. You might notice yourself being attracted to some sounds and repelled by others. And you can start becoming curious about the thoughts that come up, becoming aware of any automatic judgments or evaluations, any aversions or any fondness, any resistance and any attachments….


Combining it all together

Creating a tea ritual will help bring tea meditation into your daily life along with joy in doing so.

Try to find or create a space that you can devote to your tea meditation. If you don’t have the space, see if you can dedicate a tray and keep your favourite tea pot, tea cup, tea canister and tea utensils (spoon and strainer) always ready for your tea meditation.

When it’s time for your meditation, find a spot which is both nurturing and comfortable, ideally a place you will not be disturbed. Have a spot where you can comfortably sit with enough area in front of you to prepare your tea….

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