What is tea meditation?

Tea Meditation is a mindfulness meditation practice

Tea Meditation is just one of many techniques that can be placed under the umbrella of Mindfullness and then mindfulness is – again is one of many techniques under the umbrella of Meditation.

The best way to explain what Tea Meditation is to explain what mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment without judgment. ( so not being lost in your mind and thoughts)

In a mindfulness practice you direct your attention to a particular object, activity or a bodily sensation – such as breathing.

In your tea meditations the aim is to slow down, so try to consciously take a bit more time in your preparation and drinking and doing so being more mindful of every action you perform, treat it as if you performing a work of art with your actions.

And then absorb yourself in your 5 senses,

  • the sound of water coming to boil, and pouring into the cup
  • the smell of the tea,
  • the touch of the cup,
  • the sight of the tea and
  • the taste of the tea.

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